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Bill and Kathy Adams
Barb Arndt
Larry Bender
Jake Blitsch
Steve and Sandy Bradley
Marilyn Dahl
Dave & Char DeHaven
Marilyn Gallo
Mary Ann Gathman
Paul & Dorothy Gray
Bud and Karon Henderson
Marybeth Jaggard
Sue Johnson
Robert and Mary Kalb
Sherry Kerns
Jon & Barb Kerns
Royce & Frankie King
Judy Liebe
Bill Lincoln
Delphine Marrah
Marian J. McIntosh
Lester and Phyllis Muller
Kent and Tracy Nelson
Dan & Anne Pelc
Wallace and Barbara Rundle
Paul and Anna Mae Ryan 
Ron and Kay Sirpless
Norma Stewart
Charlene Stocker
Carol Tousley and Tom Schlitz
John and Mary Jo Weber

Oelwein Chamber

Oelwein was named "Hub City" because of the rail lines coming into town and the repair shops located there.

Deb Howard

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