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The Oelwein Chamber & Area Development..........

......A Great Investment for Your Agricultural Business!

We are your partner in the future of Oelwein! We work to link the connection of the Agriculture and Business Sectors. There are networking opportunities to other local businesses and Ag related businesses such as production groups and livestock producers.

Benefits of Belonging

  • Networking opportunities
  • Ag Education to community & business sector
  • Support of community events & activities
  • Promotion of your individual farming business
  • Age Events & Tours
  • Voice in Marketing Agriculture to the public
  • OCAD website marketing
  • Publicity in local paper

We work for:

  • Retention of existing businesses & retail establishments
  • Recruitment of new businesses
  • Link to connect Ag & Business sectors
  • Up to date data on business and community trends
  • Your spokesperson on issues involving state and local government
  • Economic betterment

What you will get:

  • Membership lists and labels
  • Free usage of meeting/conference room
  • Link from OCAD webpage to your webpage
  • Accessability to telephone books, city and state maps & publications
  • Free Web marketing on OCAD site
  • Referrals from OCAD Staff and fellow OCAD members
  • Opportunity to help make your community a better place to live, work & play
  • Networking with other business owners, community leaders and fellow citizens
  • Invitations to OCAD events and membership activities, training classes and seminars

Oelwein Chamber

Oelwein was named "Hub City" because of the rail lines coming into town and the repair shops located there.

Deb Howard

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