Trees Forever Program

Many new trees line the streets of Oelwein thanks to the Trees Forever program.

Trees Forever is a not-for-profit organization headquartered in Marion, Iowa. Their mission is to plant and care for trees and the environment. Trees Forever aids Iowa towns in choosing, planting, and replacing trees appropriate to their particular area, considering the climate and the amount of maintenance required. Trees Forever has involved over 150,000 volunteers in projects that improve air and water quality, increase wildlife habitat, provide substantial energy savings and beautify our landscape.

Trees Forever will sponsor a Residential Tree Planting program to help increase energy efficiency of homes. The program is sponsored through grants from Alliant Energy, Trees Forever and the City of Oelwein. Persons interested will pay $25 which entitles a homeowner to a tree up to $75 in value, fertilizer pills, tree wrap, stake, mulch and a one-year guarantee. Participating retailers include Manske's Corner Market and Cannon's Greenhouse. Only approved varieties for planting in the City right-of-way will qualify for rebates. By accepting the Trees Forever $50 contribution, the homeowner promises to give the trees weekly waterings and protect them from mowers, weed trimmers, etc.

Call Oelwein City Hall, 283-5440, for information and to check on no-fee permits required. Before planting trees, call Iowa One Call at 1-800-292-8989 for underground utility locations, a service provided free of charge.

New Homes - The Trees Forever program will also provide two free trees (of your choice) to be planted at the site of any new home built within Oelwein city limits. Call 319-283-5440 for more information.



Websites on Community Planting 1-800-369-1269
American Horticultural Society - Gardening Ideas
America In Bloom - Planting Pride

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Oelwein was named "Hub City" because of the rail lines coming into town and the repair shops located there.

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