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A great addition for Oelwein's active nature lovers is a bike/roller blade/walking trail.

The entire trail runs by many natural woods and scenic plantings and a butterfly garden. It provides children, other walkers and bikers a path through town that excludes motorized vehicles.

Phase One
Phase One of the trail runs from Red Gate Park to Levin Park. It was seal-coated in 2002-03 and paved in 2005.


Phase Two
Phase Two, joining Wings Park to Platts Park, and Platts Park to the Sports Complex, has been completed and paved. The trail begins at the northeast edge of property at Wings Park Elementary going east of the school to East Charles Street, along Hillside Drive East, then through Reidy Park and along the eastern edge of property at the Middle School, then passes the school district's FFA plot and practice fields to Platts Park. A section extends from Platts Park south across 10th Street SE and on to the ball complex.

Phase Three when completed will connect the first two trails, going from Levin Park to Platt's Park. Stay tuned for updates on this important project.

Click here for Map of Trails


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Oelwein was named "Hub City" because of the rail lines coming into town and the repair shops located there.

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