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Oelwein is fortunate to have many dedicated, enthusiastic and hard-working groups of volunteers who devote their time, talents and efforts, working tirelessly in the community to benefit others. These active and community minded clubs and organizations provide opportunities for people of all ages throughout the year. Included in this group listing is OCAD's Positively Oelwein committee. Positively Oelwein was established in 2005 and has recently undergone revitalization efforts by its members to make bigger impacts within the community. Go to the Positively Oelwein page to learn more about the committee.

As a service to the community, the Chamber publishes a listing of clubs and organizations. This directory is only as comprehensive and accurate as the information submitted by the volunteers.


630 Club                                        Norma Kappmeyer                            283-3960

Alcoholics Anonymous                      James Brinkman                               283-3060

All Families Matter                           Sue Johnson                                     283-1216

American Heart Assoc.                     Carol Stahr (West Union)                    563-422-6072

American Legion                             Jake Blitsch                                       283-2964

American Legion Aux.                      Marilyn Rubner                                  563-425-4297

American Red Cross                        Waterloo                                           800-322-9051

Archery Club                                   Roger McCrackin                                283-4604

Book Group Tuesday                       Susan Ricchio                                    283-1515

Boy Scouts                                     Gerd McShane                                   283-6635

Bow Hunters                                   Roger McCrackin                                283-4604

Buchanan Co. Conservation Comm   Dan Cohen                                        636-2617

Catholic Daughters                          Pat Biver                                           283-5619

Church Women United                     Donna Doty                                       283-1293

Creative Cut Ups Quilt Group            Lois McFarlane                                   283-4310

Community Kitchen Cupboard                                                                  283-3595

Community Plaza                            Steve Bradley                                    283-3160

Disabled American Veterans             Don McClain                                       283-1953

Eastern Star                                    Diane King                                        283-2521

Farm Bureau Men                            Tom Hayes                                        637-2870

Fayette Co. Bar Assoc.                     Jeremiah White                                  283-3034

Fayette Co. Cancer Society

Fayette Co. Cattlemen                      Kevin Converse                                  563-427-3717

Fayette Co. Conservation Club           Rob Kaltenbach                                  636-2331

Fayette Co. Democratic Central Comm      Everet Rowland

Fayette Co. Republicans                    Jim Kirkpatrick                                  563-425-4005

Fayette Co. Tourism                         Bridget Parker                                   800-798-4447

Friends of the Library                       Julie Johnson                                     283-1515

Girl Scouts of Eastern IA & West. IL    Waterloo Region                                319-232-6601

Girl Scouts - Local                            Melissa Savage                                  283-9583

Hebron Lodge #374                         Gordon Huggman                               283-3342

Hub City Heritage Corp. RR Museum  Bill Mundt                                          283-1939

Knights of Columbus                        Wallace Rundle                                  283-1571

Lions Club                                      Doug McFarlane                                  283-2154

MacDowell Club                               Sue Imoehl

Meals on Wheels                            Carma Stempfle                                  283-6000

Mercy Hospital Aux.                                                                                 283-6000

Ministerial Assn.                              Rev. Leo Combs-Lay                           283-3332

NARVE (Nat'l Assn. Ret. & Vet. RR Employees)   Lester Newton                      283-3330

Odd Rods Car Club                           Paul Ganske, Pres.

Bruce Gonterman, VP

Oelwein Area Council of Churches       Maxine Losen                                   636-2491

Oelwein Bowling Association:

Women's                      Joanna Howell                                  283-7470

Men's                           Dennis Nuss                                     283-1349

Youth                           Dean & Peggy Hendricks                    283-4357

Oelwein Celebration Comm.              Cindy Wilharm/Monte Graff                238-3842 or 563-920-7257

Oelwein Chamber & Area Dev. (OCAD)  Sandie Graf                                    283-1105

Oelwein Comm. Education Assn.         Julie Leisinger                                  283-2731

Oelwein Historical Society                   Dave Moore                                     283-4203

Oelwein Genealogical Society              Joan Ford                                        283-1210

Oelwein Senior Citizen Mealsite           Anna Mae Michaels                           283-5180

Oelwein Swim Team (The Sharks)       Cheryl Sill                                        283-5440

Oelwein Writers League                      Ron Gareau                                     283-3107

Palmer Hospice                                 Joyce Friederich                                283-4489

P.E.O.                                              Mary Jellings                                    563-637-2219

PTO - Parkside                                  Dana Bostian                                   283-1245

PTO - Wings Park                              Dana Bostian                                   283-1245

Rainbow Girls                                     Irene Stocks                                   283-5421

Rotary Club                                       Jon King                                         283-2524

Royal Neighbors of America                  Alice Hansen                                  283-1658

Sacred Heart Rosary Society                 Frances Potter                                283-2765

Sacred Heart Senior Citizens                 Kay Troupe                                    283-4409

Sons of American Legion                      Larry Schwartz                                283-4728

The Sorority Sisters (TSS)                     Cindy Lundry                                 283-2537

Tuesday Tourists                                 Arliss Willyard                                283-5950

United Methodist Women                     Linda Jensen                                  283-1748

United Way                                        Wanda Petersen                              283-5350

Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1725      Rex Ericson                                     283-2794

Volunteers for Youth                           Annette Rubin

WELCA - Lutheran Women                   Lavonne Teem                                 283-1675

Williams Center                                  Doug McFarlane/Dick Klapperich         283-6616

Williams Wellness Center                    Jessica Burkhart                               283-2312


To have your organization listed in this directory or to learn more about the Positively Oelwein committee, please call the OCAD office at 319-283-1105.